Articles exercises with answers | Worksheet

Articles exercise with answers pdf | Worksheet

Articles questions with answers

Supply “a” or “an” into the blanks where necessary.

1.     She spent there for….. Hour.

Answer: She spent there for an hour.


2.     Bagmati is … sacred river.

Answer: Bagmati is a sacred river.


3.     Jack is … honest man.

Answer: Jack is an honest man.


4.     Rekha works as …... Teacher.

Answer: Rekha works as a teacher.


5.     He always tells … lie.

Answer: He always tells a lie.


6.     She is…. Atheist.

Answer: She is an Atheist.


7.     They have founded … union of the youths inhabiting in this village.

Answer: They have founded a union of the youths inhabiting in this village.


8.     …. Iron is …. Metal.

Answer: Iron is a Metal.


9.     Coffee is …. Drink.

Answer: Coffee is a drink.


10.            She invited… European to her party.

Answer: She invited a European to her party.


11.            Tenzing Norgey is …. Sherpa.

Answer: Tenzing Norgey is a Sherpa.


12.            She always tells …unique story.

Answer: She always tells a unique story.


13.            He was posted as… honorary justice.

Answer: He was posted as an honorary justice.


14.            It is …. Iron pot.

Answer: It is an iron pot.


15.            Please, give me …. More tea although I have already had one.

Answer: Please give me a more tea although I have already had one.


Articles worksheet with answers |pdf

File: Articles worksheet pdf

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