Adjective and adverbs exercises with answers | Worksheet

 Adjective and Adverbs Exercises with answers

Adjective and Adverbs exercises with answers for all English learners and all levels of students [class 2, class 3, class 4, class 5, class 6, class 7, class 8, class 9, class 10, class 11, and class 12. The students can practice and prepare for the exam too.

Adjective and adverbs questions with answers

Adjective and Adverbs Exercises with answers | worksheet

Select the correct alternative:

1.     She did it.

a.     Fast

b.     Fastly

Answer: A

She did it fast.

2.     He was ……. Injured.

a.     Serious

b.     Seriously

Answer: B

He was seriously injured.

3.     She is …. As her job is boring.

a.     Boring

b.     Bored.

Answer: B

She is bored as her job is boring.

4.     Ram is the …. Boy in the class.

a.     Tall

b.     Taller

c.      Tallest

Answer: C

Ram is the tallest boy in the class.

5.     Hari was superior …. Ram.

a.     Than

b.     To

c.      By

Answer: B

Hari was superior to Ram.

6.     Janak is …. Than Rita.

a.     Fat

b.     Fatter

c.      Fattest

Answer: B

Janak is fatter than Rita.

7.     She is …… to do things.

a.     Quick

b.     Quickly

Answer: A

She is quick to do things.

8.     Hari …. Believes you.

a.     Hard

b.     Hardly

Answer: B

Hari hardly believes you.

9.     She believes everyone ….

a.     Immediate

b.     Immediately

Answer: B

She believes everyone immediately.

10.                        Her ….. labour is praise-worthy.

a.     Perfect

b.     Perfectly

Answer: A

Her perfect labour is praise-worthy.

11.                        Her …. Physical appearance attracts everyone.

a.     Love

b.     Lovely

Answer: B

Her lovely physical appearance attracts everyone.

12.                        What is the …. Temple among them?

a.     Older

b.     Oldest

Answer: B

What is the oldest temple among them?

13.                        Who is …. Between them?

a.     Older

b.     Oldest

Answer: A

Who is older between them?

14.                        She was…. Dressed.

a.     Colorful

b.     Colorfully

Answer: B

She was colorfully dressed.

15.                        She did it….

a.     Good

b.     Well

Answer: B

She did it well.

16.                        They …. Ate anything.

a.     Hard

b.     Hardly

Answer: B

They hardly ate anything.

17.                        They are … convinced.

a.     Easy

b.     Easily

Answer: B

They are easily convinced.

18.                        It’s noisy here. Can we go somewhere…?

a.     Quiet

b.     Quieter

Answer: B

It’s noisy here. Can we go somewhere quieter?

19.                        I’m …. Than you.

a.     Busier

b.     Very busy

Answer: A

I’m busier than you.

20.                        It is the … pen among you bought.

a.     Worse

b.     Worst

Answer: B

It is the worst pen among you bought.

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