comparative and superlative exercises with answers

 Adjective and adverbs Comparatie and superlative exercises

comparative and superlative question with anwers

Supply the suitable form (comparative or superlative) of the adjectives and adverbs given in brackets.


1.     Jill is …. (tall) student in the class.

Answer: Jill is the tallest student in the class.


2.     Gold is …. (Expensive) than iron.

Answer: Gold is more expensive than iron.


3.     Jenny seems… (Beautiful) than Anna.

Answer: Jenny seems more beautiful than Anna.


4.     Kathmandu …. (Densely) populated than Gorkha.

Answer: Kathmandu more densely populated than Gorkaha.


5.     Athens is … (noisy) city in the world.

Answer: Athens is the noisiest city in the world.


6.     This load is ….. (heavy) than that you carried.

Answer: This load is heavier than that you carried.


7.     Niroj is … (talented) student in the class.

Answer: Niroj is the most talented student in the class.


8.     India … (big) than Nepal.

Answer: India is bigger than Nepal.


9.     America is … (far) than china.

Answer: America is farther than China.


10.                        Bhabika can dance …. (beautifully) than Bhabana.

Answer: Bhabika can dance more beautifully than Bhabana.


11.                        What is … (long) river in Nepal?

Answer: What is the longest river in Nepal?


12.                        Would you mind telling me the way to … (near) post office in this town?

Answer: Would you mind telling me the way to the nearest post office in this town?


13.                        Our hotel was…. (cheap) than all the other in the town.

Answer: Our hotel was cheaper than all the other in the town.


14.                        Which is…… (nice) room in the hotel?

Answer: Which is the nicest room in the hotel?


15.                        We wish to stay at … (cheap) hotel in the town.

Answer: We wish to stay at the cheapest hotel in the town.


16.                        Mt. Everest is … (high) mountain in the world.

Answer: Mt. Everest is the highest mountain in the world.


17.                         That’s …. (boring) film I’ve ever seen.

Answer: That’s the most boring film I’ve ever seen.


18.                        It’s ….(enjoyable) holiday we’ve ever had.

Answer: It’s the most enjoyable holiday we’ve ever had.


19.                        That’s …. (funny) joke I’ve ever heard.

Answer: That’s the funniest joke I’ve ever heard.


20.                        It’s … (bad) mistake I’ve ever committed.

Answer: It’s the worst mistake I’ve ever committed.

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