Learn English by watching your favorite movies

Learning the English language is not so easy and not so hard just you have to be focused and practice. There are many ways to learn the English language but among them learning by watching English movies is the best and most practical way to learn English and understand different regional accents. Learning English by watching a movie is like getting real experience. In this article, we will learn why to learn English by watching English movies and the best tips for easy understanding and improvement tips and ideas. Keep reading.

Learn English watching english movies

Learn English by watching movies with English subtitles

Why learn English with movies?

Learning English by watching an English movie is a real English experience than textbooks.

Mostly British and American English is spoken as a pure English language. By watching the English movie we can learn better pronunciation.

 It is very difficult to understand some English words and phrases while reading books or even listening and talking but in movies, we can easily learn and remember them effectively because we can play, pause and stop and also see the body language expressions.

We can learn many different accents from movies because we can hear many accents in the movie in different shots, clips, and climaxes from different actors and characters.

By watching the English movie we learn the English language but also can understand and explore the culture at the same time.

Tips to learn English through movies

1.     Only choose movies that you love and are interested in.

2.     Avoid movies that are too difficult or have bad audio to understand.

3.     Repeat your favorite lines, dialogue, or expressions of the movie.

4.     Use subtitles in the right way by clicking “CC” in the corner of the youtube video frame.

5.     Watch with someone so that you can talk or interact with him/her.

6.     Write unknown and difficult words and phrases in the notebooks.

7.     Review movies. Start writing reviews after watching the movie.

8.     Manage time to watch more of your favorite and interesting movies.

9.     Watch the same movie more than once for better practice.

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