Easy way to write good English with Amazing AI Tool

 Grammarly is a very popular English writing tool that releases in 2009. The company was co-founded by Ukrainian entrepreneurs Max, Lytvyn, Alex Shevchenko, and Dmytro Lider. It can be used in desktop/laptop programs, browsers extension for desktops, laptops, tablets, plugins, and smart mobile phone keyboards. It scans your writing then finds grammar errors, spelling errors, repetitive words, lengthy sentence, and broken grammar rules, overuse of the passive voice, punctuation errors, and other issues through artificial intelligence and help to fix them.

Who can use it?

·       Anyone who writes in English

·       Authors

·       Blogger

·       Content marketers

·       Content publishers

·       Copywriters

·       Freelance writers

·       Journalists

·       Social media users

·       Students


Available on

Desktop Windows, MAC, browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge…), MS Office, Google Docs, Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android

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Where you can use it?

Email and Messages:- Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Slack

Document & projects:-Google Docs, Word, Salesforce, Notion

Social Media:- Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Discord


How to install it?

First of all, create a Grammarly account using your Google or Facebook account then start to use the free version. You can use Grammarly on several different platforms:

Download and install in Desktop/MAC’s word, Google Docs, Mail

Grammarly word add-in

Browser extension

Grammarly browser extension

Android/IOS mobile keyboard

Grammarly mobile keyboard

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Grammarly Features

·       Grammar checker

·       Plagiarism checker

·       Citation generator

·       Essay checker

·       Tone detector

·       Style guide

·       Snippets

·       analytics

How much does Grammarly cost?

Checkout below table Grammarly plan (Free version VS Premium VS Business)

Grammarly price table

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