Flowers lyrics – Miley Cyrus | Download Mp3, Karaoke/Track, Lyrics PDF

Miley Cyrus’s new song Flowers is from Endless summer vacation album. Flowers lyric is written by Miley Cyrus, Gregory Aldae, Hein, and Michael pollack and song by Miley Cyrus. It was recorded in 2022 and released on January 12, 2023, through Columbia records. This song got 101+ million streams on Spotify within the first week after release. Flowers song – Miley Cyrus Singer: Miley Cyrus Writer/composer: Miley Cyrus, Gregory Aldae, Hein, and Michael pollack Album: Endless Summer Vaction Release date: Jan. 12 th 2023 Length: 3:21 Genre: Disco-Pop, Funk Note : [ Play  and follow the lyrics for a better understanding of words and meaning.] Flowers Lyrics – Miley Cyrus We were good, we were gold Kinda dream that can't be sold We were right 'til we weren't Built a home and watched it burn   Mm, I didn't wanna leave you I didn't wanna lie Started to cry but then

12 English grammar tense chart, rules, and Examples in sentences

Tense chart in English with Rules and Examples [ Table of Content ] What is tense? Present tense Simple present tense Present continuous tense Present perfect tense Present perfect continuous tense Past tense  Simple past tense Past continuous tense Past perfect tense Past perfect continuous tense Future tense Simple Future tense Future continuous tense Future perfect tense Future perfect continuous tense “Going to”future tense What is tense? Tense is a part of English grammar related to the time. It describes the different activities at a different point of time and period with verbs in grammatical terms and forms.  Tense indicates and tells about the current, past, and future time. There are three major tenses and each tense has four aspects. 

Learn English by watching your favorite movies

Learning the English language is not so easy and not so hard just you have to be focused and practice. There are many ways to learn the English language but among them learning by watching English movies is the best and most practical way to learn English and understand different regional accents. Learning English by watching a movie is like getting real experience. In this article, we will learn why to learn English by watching English movies and the best tips for easy understanding and improvement tips and ideas. Keep reading. Learn English by watching movies with English subtitles Why learn English with movies? Learning English by watching an English movie is a real English experience than textbooks. Mostly British and American English is spoken as a pure English language. By watching the English movie we can learn better pronunciation.   It is very difficult to understand some English words and phrases while reading books or even listening and talking but in movies, we can easily l

comparative and superlative exercises with answers

 Adjective and adverbs Comparatie and superlative exercises Supply the suitable form (comparative or superlative) of the adjectives and adverbs given in brackets.   1.      Jill is …. (tall) student in the class. Answer: Jill is the tallest student in the class.   2.      Gold is …. (Expensive) than iron. Answer: Gold is more expensive than iron.   3.      Jenny seems… (Beautiful) than Anna. Answer: Jenny seems more beautiful than Anna.   4.      Kathmandu …. (Densely) populated than Gorkha. Answer: Kathmandu more densely populated than Gorkaha.   5.      Athens is … (noisy) city in the world. Answer: Athens is the noisiest city in the world.   6.      This load is ….. (heavy) than that you carried. Answer: This load is heavier than that you carried.   7.      Niroj is … (talented) student in the class. Answer: Niroj is the most talented student in the class.   8.      India … (big) than Nepal. Answer: India is bigger than Nepal.

Adjective and adverbs exercises with answers | Worksheet

 Adjective and Adverbs Exercises with answers Adjective and Adverbs exercises with answers for all English learners and all levels of students [class 2, class 3, class 4, class 5, class 6, class 7, class 8, class 9, class 10, class 11, and class 12. The students can practice and prepare for the exam too. Adjective and Adverbs Exercises with answers | worksheet Select the correct alternative: 1.      She did it. a.      Fast b.      Fastly Answer: A She did it fast . 2.      He was ……. Injured. a.      Serious b.      Seriously Answer: B He was seriously injured. 3.      She is …. As her job is boring. a.      Boring b.      Bored. Answer: B She is bored as her job is boring. 4.      Ram is the …. Boy in the class. a.      Tall b.      Taller c.       Tallest Answer: C Ram is the tallest boy in the class. 5.      Hari was superior …. Ram. a.      Than b.      To c.       By Answer: B Hari was superior to Ram. 6.      Janak is …
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