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A fixed deposit is like a special savings account you have at a bank. You put a certain amount of money in it, and the bank promises to keep that money safe and pay you some extra money, called interest, after a specific amount of time. You can't take out the money before that time is up, or you might lose some of the extra money.

Fixed Deposit Calculator


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Fixed deposit key points to remember:

What is a Fixed Deposit? It's like putting your money in a special savings account for a set time, and the bank pays you extra money (interest) for letting them use it.

How Long Does it Last? You decide how long your money stays in the account, from a few months to several years.

Interest Rate: The bank tells you how much extra money they'll give you, and this amount doesn't change during the time you keep your money there.

Can You Get Your Money Whenever You Want? Not really. You can, but if you take it out before the set time is up, the bank might give you less extra money, or charge you a fee.

How Much Do You Need to Start? You need to give the bank a certain amount of money to start a fixed deposit. This amount varies depending on the bank.

Is Your Money Safe? Yes, it's usually safe. Even if the bank has problems, your money is protected up to a certain limit by the government.

Tax: The extra money (interest) you get might be taxed, depending on the rules where you live. Some special fixed deposits can help you save on taxes.

What Happens When It Ends? When the time is up, you can decide to keep your money there for longer or take it out. You also get the extra money (interest) the bank promised.

What if Something Happens to You? You can choose someone to get the money if something happens to you. This person is called a nominee.

Documents: To start a fixed deposit, you need to show some papers like your ID, address proof, and pictures.

When Does the Bank Give You the Extra Money? You can choose how often you get the extra money - every month, every few months, or once a year.

Paying Early: If you take your money out before the time is up, the bank might make you pay a fine, or they might not give you as much extra money.

Special Deals for Seniors: If you're older, some banks will give you even more extra money.

Online Fixed Deposits: You can open and manage fixed deposits on the Internet, which means you don't have to go to the bank in person.